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10 Things To Never Say To Another Mom

We’ve all been there, hit in the gut with a question that makes us feel sad, imperfect, or smaller than the mom who’s asking — even though she may not have meant it that way.

Here’s a list of the top 10 judgy, assuming, and otherwise gross things that no mother should ever say to another. For fun (tee-hee!) we’ve thrown in how to respond when you are on the receiving end of one of these mom fails.

These replies are inspired by our quirky girl Katie on ABC’s new comedy, American Housewife, who’s real, unfiltered, and not shy about speaking her mind.

10. NEVER SAY: Where does your family spend the summer?

HOW TO REPLY: At home, we can rock a Slip ‘n Slide like nobody’s business.

9. NEVER SAY: You really should get a Fitbit.

HOW TO REPLY: You should really pass me that cupcake before the kids come in.

8. NEVER SAY: I’m so tired of dealing with interior decorators all day.

HOW TO REPLY: Feel free to send her to my place if you really need a break.

7. NEVER SAY: Where are you going for spring break?

HOW TO REPLY: To camp at the local YMCA. You want in? I know a guy.

6. NEVER SAY: You’re so real!

HOW TO REPLY: And so are my Spanx.

5. NEVER SAY: I could never wear that, but it looks great on you.

HOW TO REPLY: I call it, “pizza chic.”

4. NEVER SAY: You’re not tough enough on your husband.

HOW TO REPLY: I’m cool with us not fighting every day and still sharing a bed, but thanks for the tip.

3. NEVER SAY: My daughter finished the entire Harry Potter series by herself — in kindergarten!

HOW TO REPLY: Mine’s over there in the enchanted red cowboy boots. They should meet and talk magic.

2. NEVER SAY: You are so lucky you can eat carbs. For me, it’s only protein shakes.

HOW TO REPLY: Baguette bread and fries just don’t taste the same to me in the blender.

1. NEVER SAY: You should consider a touch of Botox.

HOW TO REPLY: I’m cool with my face, but wow, can you try smiling again? That was so fun to watch.

This post first appreared on Scary Mommy.

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