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An unscientific tally of how long it takes mamas to do *all* the things

mom playing with daughter

From juggling a dozen things at once to mastering the art of multitasking (even in our sleep), motherhood is all about stretching your minutes while simultaneously wondering how it's all going So. Dang. Fast.

And while a quick break to feed the baby here or a halt to comfort a crying toddler there may seem insubstantial, when you add everything up, there's no denying it: We're busy.

Studies and surveys back this up. We apparently spend 140 hours a year on bedtime , devote 98 hours a week to the duties of mothering and lose 44 days of sleep during the first year of a baby's life.

What is harder to tally up are all those moments spent on the little tasks that paint the big picture of motherhood.

Based on our experience, here are how many minutes we suspect the average mama of little ones spends on this beautiful, exhausting privilege of a job each year.

Snuggling in bed in the hope they'll let you sleep longer: 12 minutes a day or 4,380 minutes a year

Playing make-believe or reading stories before the sun is up: 25 minutes a day or 9,125 minutes a year

Breastfeeding, pumping or feeding: 120 minutes a day for mamas of babies or 43,800 minutes a year

Wiping things—counters, cheeks and booties: 20 minutes a day or 7,300 minutes a year

Getting yourself ready while trying to forget about whatever is happening in the other room: 5 minutes a day or 1,825 minutes a year

Reheating coffee: 3 minutes a day or 1,095 minutes a year

Preparing meals they may or may not eat: 40 minutes a day or 14,600 minutes a year

Picking up toys and then picking up toys again: 8 minutes a day or 2,920 minutes a year

Driving—chauffeuring, commuting or just going in circles around the block to help the baby sleep: 90 minutes a day or 32,850 minutes a year

Calling the doctor, sitting in the office and picking up prescriptions for yet another ear infection: 240 minutes a month or 2,880 minutes a year

Worrying, Googling and worrying some more: Some days 5 minutes some days all day for an average of 50 minutes a day or 18,250 minutes a year

Watching kids shows and then trying to get the theme songs out of your head: 35 minutes a day or 12,600 minutes a year

Wrestling kids in and out of car seats: 10 minutes a day or 3,650 minutes a year