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My Life Part 2

 So here we are. I am pregnant and have now come to terms with this. It took an entire week and finally I’m excited. We’re about to embark on a life with 3 kids - yay!

So beside the normal, ‘Oh my gosh we need a bigger car, a second car seat and the how are we going to manage this?’ realization,  we are excited!

Life carries on. The store is running. The public is in love with this incredibly beautiful space. That’s exactly what I wanted to create, right? Yes.

baby belle shop

But my husband has always dealt with my face buried in a phone or a computer. Why? Because I’m working to live the dream for the ‘one day.’ We are always chasing this future. This beautiful picture we envision. We all have a different shape or form of this. Mine was big! I needed to ensure that one day my children would be taken care of, I needed to leave them a legacy. 

But at what expense?

My daughter is growing and approaching young adulthood. I never seem to have time for her. Missed sports matches because I’m working. Seriously? She was the main reason I started this brand back in 2004. In between crazy days I would get cuddles from my toddler and try very hard to be present. 

Dinner time should be an uninterrupted time for family to discuss their days and be present. Our dinners always started off together as a family, but was inevitable always interrupted by a ringing phone or WhatsApp message. Now for a person like I used to be, that noise that would remind me that someone was looking for me and needed something. This would create great anxiety for me - something I think a lot of people face. 

From conversations with friends and acquaintances, technology and the idea of always being connected is the biggest problem. I would rush through my dinner, break my own rule and be back on the dreaded phone. Because surely its rude to not reply immediately? Correct? No. 

So to you, the person reading this, if I can inspire you just a little on this topic of technology which rules our life. Stop. Be present. Cherish those people sitting around the table with you. You don’t want them telling you later in life that something that stood out from their childhood was that you were always on your phone. 

Back to the real matter, I am pregnant. But I can do this. I am superwoman after all.  Well, at least so I thought.

So as my pregnancy continues we move to a bigger factory. We are so busy, we have to move. Bigger space, more machinery, more staff. It’s now March 2017. 

baby belle office

The signage goes up on our building and I am smiling from ear to ear. I’m decorating new offices and I’m living the dream.

Was I really? 

Stay tuned for part three.

Author: Pascalé Cilliers

Founder: Baby Belle

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