We know just how important it is to have the correct space to change your baby on. We have a variety of standard ranges available. All designs are available in a 1m, 1.2m or a 1.5m width. Our changing mattress fits perfectly on top of each design. We offer each design in a variety of different  finishes and colors.  Please contact   


Hand-crafted Compactum- Eden

R 11,999.00

Hand-crafted Alexander Compactum

R 11,999.00

Hand-crafted René Compactum

R 12,999.00

Hand-crafted Bellarina Compactum

R 12,999.00 R 15,500.00

Hand-crafted Compactum- Hudson

R 13,999.00

Hand-crafted Compactum- Georgina

R 13,999.00 R 16,999.00

Hand-crafted Compactum- Sebastian

R 13,999.00

Hand-crafted Compactum- Charlotte

R 14,999.00

Hand-crafted Compactum- Jude

R 14,999.00

Hand-crafted Compactum- French Feeling

R 15,999.00

Hand-crafted compactum- Giselle

R 15,999.00 R 17,999.00

Hand-crafted Compactum - Rose

R 16,999.00 R 21,999.00