Cot Linen

Our cot linen is manufactured in standard sizes. Our bumpers are 198 x 35cm with each folding panel measuring 66cm in width. Every bumper has removable inners for washing purposes. Our padded cot bumpers can be custom-made to fit cots of every size and in any fabric or colour that matches your baby's nursery.  All our bumpers are made using 100% cotton. Our duvet covers are 120 x 80cm. Should you require a different design to what is available in our standard ranges please contact us on to view our custom fabrics on offer.


Cot Duvet Cover - Pink & White Stripe Heart

R 695.00

Cot Duvet Cover - Pink Up, Up & Away

R 1,499.00

Cot Duvet Cover - Rose Ellie

R 999.00

Cot Duvet Cover - Stone & white Stone Heart

R 695.00

Cot Duvet Cover- Blue Hand-crocheted Heart

R 399.00 R 655.00

Cot Duvet Cover- Pink Hand-crocheted Heart

R 655.00

Cot Duvet Cover- Stone Hand-crocheted Heart

R 655.00

Quilted Baby Pillow Inner

R 149.00