Cots & Conversion Kits

Welcome to our standard range of cots and conversion kits. All our furniture is hand-crafted and available in various colours and finishes. Our of our cots are designed on a standard sleeping area of 132 x 66cm which fits our mattresses perfectly.  Each cot can be turned into a toddler bed by ordering a separate conversion kit thats gives you maximum use of your piece for as long as 5 years depending on your Little One's height.  Contact us on for personal assistance in acquiring your perfect Baby Belle piece.  

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Hand-crafted Alexander Cot

R 17,999.00

Hand-crafted Cot- Romeo

R 17,999.00

Hand-crafted French Feeling Cot

R 17,999.00

Hand-crafted Cot - Sebastian

R 17,999.00

Hand-crafted Jayden Cot

R 19,999.00

Hand-crafted Ava Cot

R 19,999.00

Hand-crafted Cot- Vega

R 19,999.00

Hand-crafted Cot- Victoria

R 20,999.00

Hand-crafted Charlotte Cot

R 21,999.00

Hand-crafted Cot - Elizabeth

R 23,599.00

Hand-crafted Cot- Isabella

R 27,999.00