Bookshelves and Shelving

We all love beautiful shelves on our walls to fill with pretty things or a beautiful reading corner. View our gorgeous collection of bookshelves and shelving here.  Please contact us on for colour and finish choices.  

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Sebastian Oak Houses

R 4,999.00

Sebastian hanging shelf

R 5,500.00

Pure Wallshelf

R 3,800.00

Orchid Wallshelf

R 3,999.00

Lyra Wallshelf

R 4,999.00

Isabella Houses Set of 3

R 2,999.00

Isabella House Single - Large

R 850.00

Isabella House - Small White

R 429.00

Isabella House - Small French Grey

R 429.00

Hand-crafted Isabella Bookshelf

R 9,715.00

Hand-crafted Hudson Bookshelf

R 7,999.00

Hand-crafted French Feeling Bookshelf

R 5,549.00