Welcome to our selection of the plushiest, softest and cuddliest toys and booties around. Please be advised we do not keep stock in-house and order from our suppliers. Stock is subject to availability.


My First Bunny Beige

R 495.00

Bashful Unicorn Booties

R 455.00

Bashful Beige Bunny Booties

R 455.00

Smudge Rabbit

R 659.00

Cordy Roy Flamingo Medium

R 575.00

Puffles Elephant

R 659.00

Puffles Dino

R 659.00

Mattie Monkey

R 409.00

Harry Panda Cub

R 465.00

Fuddlewuddle Lion Medium

R 505.00

Emile Elephant Little

R 679.00

Bashful Blue Dummy Holder

R 453.00