Toddler Furniture

Here at Baby Belle we simply love making the transition from a nursery to a toddler bedroom flow seamlessly for our clients. Chat to us to help you design your Toddler's bedroom or build on your existing nursery design and transform it into the perfect bedroom for your little one.

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Boudoir Chair and Footrest- Duckegg

R 6,500.00

Dressing Table- Isabella

R 14,999.00

Hand-crafted Armoire- Isabella

R 29,999.00

Hand-crafted Auriga Bookshelf

R 15,999.00

Hand-crafted Bed - Charlotte

R 32,500.00

Hand-crafted Bed - Isabella

R 27,950.00 R 29,550.00

Hand-crafted Bed - Jayden

R 39,999.00

Hand-crafted Bed- Isabella with Trundle

R 21,000.00

Hand-crafted Bellarina Bookshelf

R 9,799.00

Hand-Crafted Bellisimo Bookshelf

R 7,999.00

Hand-crafted Bellisimo Table

R 9,889.00

Hand-crafted bookshelf - Rene

R 7,250.00